[nfbmi-talk] A Blind Date or Dating Blind or Dating in the Dark

Terry D. Eagle terrydeagle at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 12 19:49:28 UTC 2015


Calling those age 18 to 45.

Seeking Participants for a new documentary, "Love is Blind" 


Emmy Award winning producer, Patricia Zagarella, seeks participants for a
new documentary that focuses on the dating and romantic life of the blind
and visually impaired. As dating moves to the online world, where physical
attraction is the first connection, we want to explore how love connections
are formed when physical attraction is not the first point of reference. We
think that sighted people can learn a lot from the dating and romantic
experiences of the visually impaired. This will be a heartwarming film and
journey. By sharing your experiences we hope to shed light on this universal
subject and on a population so often ignored. 


We are seeking blind or visually impaired, men and women between the ages of
20 and 45, who are willing to be on camera and share their experiences
candidly. We are looking for a cross section of individuals, including: 


1. Singles, men and women, who are actively dating and looking for a
long-term relationship 


2. Best friends who are single and dating 


3. Singles bouncing back from a breakup 


4. People that are newly coupled 


5. Couples in a long term relationship 


6. Couples who are going to get married 


7. Married couple with no children 


8. Married couple with child or children 


If your interested or would like more information, please email your
information to 

loveisblinddocumentary at gmail.com 

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