[nfbmi-talk] Questions About State Convention

Kim Mohnke kitties_kimmy at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 3 02:16:05 UTC 2015

Can someone tell me the hotel rate for State Convention?  I go to the State Convention link on our website and it only says that the 2015 convention will be in Lansing.  
When does our reservations need to be in and what is the contact info for the hotel?  

I would have thought more information would be out by now about the convention.  I remember setting prices and deadlines for pre-registration at the quarterly board meeting, but nothing else has been disclosed about the convention, except for pre-registrating online.  
When can we expect to see a flyer about the convention?  
When can we expect to see an agenda for the convention?  
Are we having web streaming this year as well?  
As well, will there be tables for literature?  
It was mentioned that we could request for financial assistance, what is the deadline for this and what does the state affiliate expect someone to do if they get this assistance?  Like for national convention, you have to go to the general sessions, banquet and work the exhibit table.  Are the same expectations assumed for state convention minus the exhibit table?  
If anyone can answer my questions I would appreciate it.  
Kim Mohnke 

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