[nfbmi-talk] Screen Reader Friendly Email Providers

Kim Mohnke kitties_kimmy at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 26 01:32:43 UTC 2015

Hello List,
I have been having lots of trouble lately with my yahoo services.  It seems that I cannot send or recieve personal emails except for list serves and national companies.  I am thinking about changing.  What other email providers are usable with a screen reader?  I use JAWS and wondering what to change to.  Mind I do my email via the computer because I do not have a smart phone.  
As well, I have set up folders and filters with yahoo email, do other emails providers have this and is it easy to use with a screen reader as well?
Thanks in advance and if you have tried to get in contact with me lately and haven't received a response, its because I don't know what emails have gone through or not.  Please if you need to get in touch with me call 989-640-1719.
Kim Mohnke 

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