[nfbmi-talk] reading newsline on iphone

Georgia Kitchen gkitchen at samobile.net
Mon Feb 22 06:27:20 UTC 2016

Does   anyone know how to go from article on the nfb newsline app. for 
the iphone. I set the setting so the whole page will be read.   How do 
you get to that rotor?? Pleas advise. I have had the iphone a month.
Also, irt seems that the national center has  carolyn  walton  helping 
with  newslline pretty  much full time. Thi is good for me since it 
really helps to have some help. This means  that I will concentrate on 
signing up new folks.
People can get  their codes from her  as well as me. Her phone is\1 800 
504  7300 Also, people can call\410- 659-9412. \\My new  iphone numberr 
is\ 1 810-820-1577. I  have not learned to use voice mail but working 
on learning;

our chapter is going to have a class on the iphone soon ...

People will need to come to the meeting first to learrn from mentors 
etc. and learn about the nfb  and hopefully volunteer to help.


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