[nfbmi-talk] Fw: what is nfb doing about this and other inaccessable web sites and web pages?

Fred Wurtzel f.wurtzel at att.net
Thu Mar 3 03:56:03 UTC 2016

Hello Dave,

Too the subject question, " what is nfb doing about this and other
inaccessible web sites and web pages?"  I am as frustrated as anyone over
the State's inaccessible websites.  As you know, being a member of this
organization longer than me, when there are issues, it is not up to someone
else.  It is each of our responsibilities to take up causes as we can.  For
example, you have worked very hard and advocated for years for blind
vendors.  You did not expect someone else to step up.  So, with this issue,
like you did with vendors, anyone who is passionate ought to jump in, work
with our membership and make a plan to resolve the webpage issue or work at
it until it is resolved.  This will entail working with people who don't
care, are incompetent or hostile.  Occasionally, the person who is working
on the web page will find an ally inside the system.  We cannot be deterred
by the negatives.  We must take joy in small victories and the
acknowledgment of our colleagues that we are trying.  We will need to remain
positive and firm about our goals.

You and I knew Dr. Jernigan.  I observed and personally experienced that
when someone said the NFB ought to do something, he simply said "go ahead."
He expected us to take personal responsibility for things which need
attention.  If we all work on something we care about, we can make a
difference.  If we all wait for someone else to do something, it will never
get done.

I admire Mark Eagle for jumping on the voting issue.  He has been working on
this for a long time.  When he needs help, he can ask and he will find many
people ready to step up and do something.  He is a good example of not
waiting for someone else to do something.

Marianne has taken up the issue of accessible software for human services
professionals.  When I listen to her presentations, I don't understand a lot
of what she is saying.  I do understand that she knows her subject, those
who can help make change and what is needed.  She has not let the resistance
to change deter her.  She keeps on trying.  This is the spirit of the

There are more than enough things to do to go around.  No individual can do
it all, that is why we have an organization.  I know I am preaching to the
choir, here.  It is not some anonymous group, it is each of us who need to
step up to solve these important issues.  So, whoever has the time, interest
and knowledge to work on working with DIT for years, then they ought to roll
up their sleeves and work on it.  It will take hours, months and years of
diligent, unrewarding effort.  If someone does not have the knowledge, they
ought to try, anyway.  By the end of the first year, they will know more
than all the rest of us about the topic.  We all need to pick our priorities
and then work as hard as we can stand.  We will only get recognition from
our colleagues.  The sighted public will mostly be indifferent and some will
be hostile.  There will be a few friends who will work along with us, but
mostly it will be up to us.  Since 1940 we have made a lot of progress with
this approach.  We will continue to do so.

Thanks for sharing this issue with us.  

Warmest Regards.


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Please see the attached. It goes to the scofflaw Statewide Independent
Living Council and its inaccessible web site. And there are literally tens
of thousands of web pages on Michigan's web sites that are not accessible.

But, these things have been ignored by NFB for years.

Joe Harcz

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