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Marcus Simmons ceo at simmonsbosscreations.com
Fri Mar 11 00:19:07 UTC 2016

            the police state in America has gotten way out of hand. But there is something you can do today to help keep you and your family away from this madness.

            Unfortunately, we can’t abolish the police completely from our lives. (Try telling a cop “no,” for example, when he asks for “a moment.”) 

            But we can choose not to include them into our affairs (when we have the choice), by not calling on them for help.

            This doesn’t mean, though, you must fend for yourself if something bad happens. Far from it.

            With the innovation you’re going to learn about today, you’ll be able to leverage the incredible power of self-policing communities to keep you and your loved ones safe.

            Thus, making your community safer for everyone. 


            Enter what’s called “Cell 411.” 

            Cell 411, for reasons you’ll see in a moment, has been called the “Uber for 911.” 

            Cell 411 is a mobile app which allows you -- the user -- to notify your inner-circle of friends and family of urgent and dangerous situations in real-time.

            It’s an elegant and simple way for communities of individuals to police themselves, without the need of power-tripping cops.

            How it works is simple…

            First, you create public or private groups in your vicinity with friends and family. With the simple tap of a button, you can instantly notify everyone in this group if you need help and the nature of your emergency.

            When you send out an alert, the receivers obtain your exact GPS coordinates and specific directions to you. And, on your end, you’ll be kept posted on the ETA of whoever’s on their way.

            No friends around? There’s still hope.

            You also have the option of sending a “global alert.” This allows you to send an alert to anyone nearby who happens to have the app. If you’re in a strange place or your family and friends are away, you might still be able to call upon a good samaritan to help you out.

            Cell 411 also allows you to take photos and stream live videos directly to your friends and family. (Cops have a tendency of destroying the evidence before leaving. This function would make that impossible.)

            Here are, says the Truth Voice blog, just a few ways Cell 411 could come in handy…

              a.. “Elderly people could use the app to notify all their family members if they are in a particular need.
              a.. “Activists observing police activity or police abuse could notify all activists in an area and stream video to all their friends. 
              a.. “Volunteer firefighter departments could encourage their communities to use the app as a free “dispatch” option.
              a.. “School children could send alerts if they are being bullied or abused in school.
              a.. “Family members could send alerts when vehicles break down and need urgent help.
              a.. And more…




            “Everyone could be a typical user of Cell 411,” Virgil Vǎduva, the app’s creator told CoinTelegraph this week in an interview, “because everyone is ultimately concerned with their personal safety or the well-being of their communities.

            “Since the release of the app in August 2015,” Vǎduva goes on, “there have been tens of thousands of alerts sent out by Cel 411 users to their friends, neighbors and family members.”

            Vǎduva says that Cell 411, due to insanely high crime rates, has “become almost an overnight sensation in South Africa, where thousands of users use it daily to keep each other safe.”

            Every 25 minutes, someone is killed in South Africa. For that reason, Cell 411 is a godsend for concerned families.

            “Farmers in SA have also contacted me about how the app is helping them organize themselves into self-policing communities due to the lack of police protection and corruption,” says Vǎduva. “The app has also become very popular in Western Europe and countries like Denmark, Sweden and the U.K. where several security firms are using it to dispatch guards in case of emergencies and cabbies are using it to keep each other safe.”

            “I’m not sure what the future holds,” he said, “but in many ways technology is becoming the way by which average people like you and me are letting the establishment know that their services are becoming obsolete and irrelevant.

            “Disruptive market technologies that help shift the paradigm and help shift the power from the establishment and into the hands of users will continue to shape the future in a very positive way in my opinion.”

            Ditto. And Cell 411 is just one of many examples to come.

            [Ed. note: Cell 411 is available for iOS and Android platforms. Try it out. 


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