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At 06:19 PM 3/10/2016, Marcus Simmons via nfbmi-talk wrote:
>             the police state in America has 
> gotten way out of hand. But there is something 
> you can do today to help keep you and your 
> family away from this 
> madness.             Unfortunately, we can’t 
> abolish the police completely from our lives. 
> (Try telling a cop “no,” for example, when 
> he asks for “a moment.”)             But we 
> can choose not to include them into our affairs 
> (when we have the choice), by not calling on 
> them for help.             This doesn’t mean, 
> though, you must fend for yourself if something 
> bad happens. Far from it.             With the 
> innovation you’re going to learn about today, 
> you’ll be able to leverage the incredible 
> power of self-policing communities to keep you 
> and your loved ones safe.             Thus, 
> making your community safer for 
> everyone. 
>   Enter what’s called “Cell 
> 411.”             Cell 411, for reasons 
> you’ll see in a moment, has been called the 
> “Uber for 911.”             Cell 411 is a 
> mobile app which allows you -- the user -- to 
> notify your inner-circle of friends and family 
> of urgent and dangerous situations in 
> real-time.             It’s an elegant and 
> simple way for communities of individuals to 
> police themselves, without the need of 
> power-tripping cops.             How it works 
> is simple
             First, yyou create 
> public or private groups in your vicinity with 
> friends and family. With the simple tap of a 
> button, you can instantly notify everyone in 
> this group if you need help and the nature of 
> your emergency.             When you send out 
> an alert, the receivers obtain your exact GPS 
> coordinates and specific directions to you. 
> And, on your end, you’ll be kept posted on 
> the ETA of whoever’s on their 
> way.             No friends around? There’s 
> still hope.             You also have the 
> option of sending a “global alert.” This 
> allows you to send an alert to anyone nearby 
> who happens to have the app. If you’re in a 
> strange place or your family and friends are 
> away, you might still be able to call upon a 
> good samaritan to help you 
> out.             Cell 411 also allows you to 
> take photos and stream live videos directly to 
> your friends and family. (Cops have a tendency 
> of destroying the evidence before leaving. This 
> function would make that 
> impossible.)             Here are, says the 
> Truth Voice blog, just a few ways Cell 411 
> could come in handy
> “Elderly people could use the app to notify 
> all their family members if they are in a 
> particular need.               a.. “Activists 
> observing police activity or police abuse could 
> notify all activists in an area and stream 
> video to all their friends.               a.. 
> “Volunteer firefighter departments could 
> encourage their communities to use the app as a 
> free “dispatch” option.               a.. 
> “School children could send alerts if they 
> are being bullied or abused in 
> school.               a.. “Family members 
> could send alerts when vehicles break down and 
> need urgent help.               a.. And 
> more
> “Everyone could be a typical user of Cell 
> 411,” Virgil Vǎduva, the app’s creator 
> told CoinTelegraph this week in an interview, 
> “because everyone is ultimately concerned 
> with their personal safety or the well-being of 
> their communities.             “Since the 
> release of the app in August 2015,” Vǎduva 
> goes on, “there have been tens of thousands 
> of alerts sent out by Cel 411 users to their 
> friends, neighbors and family 
> members.”             Vǎduva says that Cell 
> 411, due to insanely high crime rates, has 
> “become almost an overnight sensation in 
> South Africa, where thousands of users use it 
> daily to keep each other 
> safe.”             Every 25 minutes, someone 
> is killed in South Africa. For that reason, 
> Cell 411 is a godsend for concerned 
> families.             “Farmers in SA have 
> also contacted me about how the app is helping 
> them organize themselves into self-policing 
> communities due to the lack of police 
> protection and corruption,” says Vǎduva. 
> “The app has also become very popular in 
> Western Europe and countries like Denmark, 
> Sweden and the U.K. where several security 
> firms are using it to dispatch guards in case 
> of emergencies and cabbies are using it to keep 
> each other safe.”             “I’m not 
> sure what the future holds,” he said, “but 
> in many ways technology is becoming the way by 
> which average people like you and me are 
> letting the establishment know that their 
> services are becoming obsolete and 
> irrelevant.             “Disruptive market 
> technologies that help shift the paradigm and 
> help shift the power from the establishment and 
> into the hands of users will continue to shape 
> the future in a very positive way in my 
> opinion.”             Ditto. And Cell 411 is 
> just one of many examples to 
> come.             [Ed. note: Cell 411 is 
> available for iOS and Android platforms. Try it 
> out. 
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