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March 17 2016 Still Not in FOIA

Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

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To: Several on BSBP FOIA



I point your attention to the following in my February 8, 2016 e-mail to Mr. Ed Rodgers, Director of Mich. Bureau Services to Blind Persons:




“-Any correspondences to any blind customer from then to the present in the Flint area detailing resources for 

lead testing, availability of bottled water, or any other resource. In other words just who, what, when, where, 

why and how were blind customers notified not only of the crisis but, also of resources?”



Now, in the release of FOIA made after more than a month by the way there was no brochure, letter, memo, or anything related to how BSBP staff, and particularly the Flint office staff actually informed blind persons of resources. Not one item.

 Except for the self-serving and belated entry onBSBP’s web site made clearly on February 9 as a cover and reaction to my requests.


So apparently there were no items in any format sent to blind persons in this county.


Please point to where I might be incorrect in this assumption.




Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.





Cc: several



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