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Subject: interface bsbp lara wts and blind folks in county/flint

March 17 2016 More on Flint Water Blind

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Re: What were scripts and what was the interface with rapid response teams


Ed, Rodgers, Bureau Services to Blind Persons/LARA

Michael Zimmer, Director LARA

(Via e-mail)


Dear Sirs,


I point your attention to the following from the recent FOIA release to me regarding BSBP’s work with persons who are blind relative to the Flint water crisis:



“From: Zimmer, Mike (LARA) 

Table with 2 columns and 4 rowsSent: Friday, January 29, 2016 6:49 AM To: Towne, Karen (LARA); Rodgers, Edward (LARA) Cc: Moon, Jason (LARA); Brown, Melanie (DEQ) Subject: Re: Blind Flint Residents Table endThanks Karen -Ed can you provide list to Karen? 

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> On Jan 29, 2016, at 6:18 AM, "Towne, Karen (LARA)" <TowneK2 at michigan.gov> 



> We (LARA Executive staff) can do a couple things too-If Ed also gives me the list of 

addresses for these clients, we can cross check the list from Flint Water, and the list of 

tested homes for the results and we can cross check the Water Response Team 

results in the EOC database to see if they were visited and provided test kits, water, 

filters and cartridges. The. WRTs have also been including information about the 

residents with special needs and would have assisted with filter installation. 


> Departments contacting constituents have been indicating they re calling to make 

sure resources have been provided by the Water Response Teams, asking if they 

need any additional assistance with installing the filter(S). That information has then 

been submitted to the distribution teams to get the assistance to them. The WRTs are 

working from a specific list of questions -not sure if Jason or Mel have those but I can 

get them this morning when at the EOC. 



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>> On Jan 29, 2016, at 5:36 AM, Zimmer, Mike (LARA) <zimmerm at michigan.gov> 



>> Ed Rodgers has identified 36 current Flint area residents who are blind recipient of 

BSBP services (based on zip code pulls, we believe they could be on Flint City water 

but you know how that goes . . . ) 


>> I would like Ed to have his caseworkers reach out to his clients to see if they are on 

Flint water, if they are receiving services, etc and to share information -this seems a 

more effective way of delivering information that just translating everything into Braille. 


Is there a script you guys would like BSBP staff to follow when they make these



Now, was there any “cross-checking” and interfaces between LARA/BSBP blind residents and the Rapid Response Teams referenced above? Were any “scripts” again referenced developed? Were any materials or information, not just in Braille but in other accessible formats developed let alone distributed to blind persons in Flint or the Flint Area?


If so please remit any documents, e-mails, etc. in accessible format, and in a timely manner pursuant to the ADA and Section 504 to me (Plain text) to my e-mail address listed above.




Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.





Cc: Lt. Governor Brian Calley

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