[nFBMI-Talk] update to call from the president

Michael Powell mpowell7583 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 12 22:22:44 UTC 2018


This is a call to all federationists and friends.

Since our board meeting date had to be rescheduled to Saturday, March 10,
2018, I would like to have a quick phone conference next Sunday evening,
February 18, at 8 PM.

I want to keep linked in with everybody since we haven't talked since our
December 14 conference call last year.  There are a few things coming up
that will require our attention and this way we can prepare for our actual
board meeting Saturday, March 10.  If any committees want to meet to prepare
to report at the board meeting you have a few weeks to get plans under way.

I am choosing Sunday as the date for this as our previous use of Thursdays
hasn't been convenient for everybody and Lansing chapter meets next Monday.

So you have almost a week's notice to get this on your schedule.

Board members in particular, if this doesn't work for you please let me

As usual we will use our conference line.

Call in at: (605)475-4333.  Access code is 902855 followed by the pound key.

If there is anyone in your chapter that you know might be interested in this
but does not have access to this notification please inform them of the
above information.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to our conference call Sunday
evening at 8 PM.


Michael Powell


National Federation of the Blind of Michigan


Mpowell7583 at yahoo.com

president at nfbmi.org.


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