[nFBMI-Talk] NFB Michiana: Announcing Chapter Meeting For Saturday, 02/02/2019 @ 11:00 AM

Kane Brolin kbrolin65 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 13:06:28 UTC 2019

Sorry for the lateness of this announcement, as weather has thrown my
family for a loop this week.  But I am planning to host a meeting for
the Michiana Chapter in the National Federation of the Blind, for all
those willing and able to be there, tomorrow [Saturday, February 2]
beginning at 11:00 AM Eastern, 10:00 AM Central.  I have moved the
start time back slightly in order to make it so that those concerned
with icy roads or other transportation-related challenges can get to
downtown Mishawaka without undue distress.

Brolin Wealth Management (ground floor)
113 Lincolnway West, Suite 100
Mishawaka, Indiana

A lot is already in the pipeline  for our chapter for 2019, but
tomorrow will mark our first official meeting of the year.  High on
the agenda is the prospect that our 4th annual BEET Conference, to be
held later this spring, could be expanded and include a training
module for those who want direct experience with cane travel, Braille,
nonvisual food preparation, and blindness tech skills but who have not
have the opportunity to try those things.  This training would be
professionally conducted by those with nationally recognized expertise
in structured discovery learning methods.  This is why my message is
going out to many who do not typically attend our chapter's meetings.
If you are reading this and are working as a teacher of the visually
impaired or in some other province of the social services, or if you
are the parent or guardian of a blind teen or young adult, this could
prove a golden opportunity--at low cost--for you to give a blind or
low vision individual in your life a chance to try things he or she
might never have thought possible.

If you have an interest in participating, or if you know someone who
would, and if you cannot show up physically to tomorrow's meeting,
please phone me at (574)386-8868.  Before committing to expanding our
annual conference to include a special day of practical work, I need
to know there is sufficient demand to justify the added time and
monetary cost.  Yes, those from other parts of Indiana as well as from
Michigan, Illinois, or Ohio are welcome to join us if you can get
yourself here!  More details will follow after critical decisions have
been arrived at.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Kane Brolin
President, Michiana Chapter
National Federation of the Blind of Indiana

(574)386-8868 (mobile)
(574)254-7180 (office)

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