[nFBMI-Talk] Buttons, Cookies, and Baskets, Oh My!

Robert Earl Parsons robert.e.parsons at wmich.edu
Thu Jan 17 01:31:37 UTC 2019

Howdy Friends

It's Robert again with a plea for support of your favorite division, the Michigan Association of Blind Students. The division still has a bunch of opportunities for you to become my new BFF. Check them out:

  1.  Washington Seminar Buttons: Our button fundraising effort is going well, but we would love more support from our people. Support Mi-ABS by purchasing a Washington Seminar button, decked out with the official NFB logo and Washington Seminar 2019 hashtag. It's red, white, and blue, so you can feel proud to support us and patriotic at the same time!
  2.  Chocolate Chip Cookies: Who wouldn't want to try some delicious chocolate chip cookies. This snack will do the job for you while in a meeting at Washington Seminar.
  3.  For the Love of Michigan Baskets: Our Valentine's Day fundraiser gives you a chance to buy tickets for one of two impressive spa baskets. There is a Bath and Body Works spa basket that is equipped with a teddy bear, body mist spray, body wash, and a loofah sponge. There is also an Axe men's basket that comes with deodorizing spray, body wash, deodorant, and a teddy bear. Your sweetheart would love you for this if you won it for them.
How to Acquire: I know, the big question is how to get your hands on these amazing items, right? I got you covered. We will be accepting cash at Washington Seminar if you are interested in purchasing items. Jeff Crouch, our Vice President, will be the cookie extraordinaire, while Tony Gebhart will be your button guy. Look for these leaders in order to purchase these items in person. If you are looking for tickets for baskets, I'm the one you should find. It won't be hard, just listen for my booming voice or ask people where the tall redhead is. If you are not attending Washington Seminar, don't worry. The Michigan Association of Blind Students are accepting preorders and distance orders through Venmo. Simply send a payment to @MiABS-Treasury on the app and outline what items you are purchasing, and you will get you item at the seminar or we can mail it to you. Here are the prices:

Cookies: 2 for $1
Basket Raffle Tickets: $5 each or 3 tickets for $10
Buttons: $3 each

We look forward to connecting with you in the nation's capital. Be blessed and have a great week.

With Love

Robert Parsons
Board Member, Michigan Association of Blind Students
P: 804.801.7674

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