[NFBMI-Talk] Minutes November 10, 2019

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Sat Jun 13 02:51:44 UTC 2020

Below you will find the minutes from November 10, 2019. I apologize for not posting these sooner.

National Federation of the Blind of Michigan 
November 10, 2019
Crown Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI

The meeting was called to order at 9:04 am by President Mike Powell. 

Quorum. Board members present: Mike Powell, JJ Meddaugh, Sabrina Simmons, Diana Mohnke, Mark Eagle, Jeff Crouch, Fred Wurtzel and Marcus Simmons.  Absent: Derek Moore. 

President’s report, Mike Powell. 
He thanked those who have helped him over the past year.  He wants people who will serve on our board to get committees together so that things are worked on more in-between our board meetings.  We are keeping track of our members through the data sheets we filled out and by the membership coins.  President Powell commends Wayne and Jackson chapter for being the first to have their data sheets turned in on time.  We need to invite people to our chapter meetings.  When new members join a chapter we should fill out the new member form for them. They will get an introductory email and letter to get them familiar with the NFB.  He commends Richard Clay in the Detroit chapter for doing the outreach he has done by inviting people from the community and doing events on aging and diabetes.  We need to be doing outreach projects so that people do not just meet us at chapter meetings.  We need to have events where we introduce people to either a blindness skill or teaching about the Federation by looking at a banquet speech or other literature.  He commends Donna Posont, Denise Cochran and Marcus and Karen Simmons who worked together to revitalize the Wayne chapter. 

Secretary’s report, Diana Mohnke.  Johns Scott moved to accept the report, Steve Handschu seconded the motion and it passed. 

Treasurer’s report, Mark Eagle.  As of November 10, 2019 General Fund has $19,646.27; Newsline has $8,794.03; PayPal has $3,423.88; and Youth Grant has $6,044.17.  We raised $1,396.00 from the auction.  Donna moved to accept the report, JJ seconded and it passed. 

Election of officers.  We had the clickers but were not able to research how to use them by today, need to experiment with them at a later date.  Sabrina moved to do a standing vote if a voice vote is not clear, Diana seconded and it passed. 
Board 1: Robert Parsons 
Board 2: Fred Wurtzel 
Board 3: Darryl Rice 
Board 4: Jeff Crouch 

Resolutions were adopted. 
2019-1: Closing of VI Services in Detroit.  Director Robinson agreed with parts of the resolution. 
2019-2: Continuation of Advocacy for Improved Accessibility at Detroit Metropolitan Airport 
2019-3: Regarding Protecting the Civil Rights of Blind Parents
2019-4: Accessible and Secret Voting 

It was moved that Mike will serve as delegate and Sabrina will serve as alternate delegate for national convention.  The motion was seconded and it passed. 

Washington seminar, JJ Meddaugh.  Washington Seminar is from February 10-13, Michigan congressional meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Robert moved to allocate 3 rooms for three nights and $1000 to help with expenses.  Diana seconded the motion and it passed.  Contact JJ if you would like to attend Washington Seminar no later than January 1.  The national student division has scholarships to help pay for student expenses. 

Closing remarks from national rep, Jim Gashel.  Reminded us of our goal we had set to have 75 members from Michigan at the next national convention.  He also reminded us of our challenge of PAC, the need to get more people on PAC so we can rank higher.

Chapter and committee reports
Jackson, Dave Robinson.  Continue to recruit new members and be active in the area.  They developed a resource packet and distributed out to over 60 local businesses in the community.  They have been doing awareness training of blindness, recent training at local office on aging.  They did a trunk and treat where they  passed out 1000 alphabet cards to over 1000 children in the community. 

Detroit, Sabrina Simmons.  Continue to increase membership.  Next year, October 24, 2020 will be the third annual Black Tie White Cane event.  They raised just over $2000 from this year’s Black Tie White Cane and they had 192 people in attendance.  They have focused on programming with community outreach workshops on aging, diabetes, and Braille.  Recently held a paratransit action day and gave D DOT 15 recommendations for improving paratransit services. 

Genesee, Jeff Crouch.  Working on bringing in new members. 

Students, Jeff Crouch.  Held elections with new secretary and board members.  Victor marques is secretary and the board members are Jerusalem Crawley and Yasmine Couthen.  Starting a new internships program for those students who are coming up and may not want to take on the full responsibility of being on the board but want to be mentored.  The interns this year are Steven Crouch, Ma’kahi Couthen and Kamari Hicks.  Working on first time student scholarship for both national and state convention for next year.  Hope everyone enjoyed Michigan’s Got Talent that was held on Friday evening. 

Capital Region, Fred Wurtzel.  He has received confirmation of their meeting space for the next year at the Sparrow Professional building.  They meet at 6 pm for IPhone and other technology discussions with their regular meeting starting at 7 pm.  They are working with the state affiliate on parental law.  Recently had Looking Bus attend a meeting by phone and decided to hold a meeting near the bus stop at the Sparrow Professional building with them.  Fred received an email from CATA the next day to cancel the meeting.  They still met with Looking Bus but were unable to get onto the bus but were able to give them a lot of input. 

Kalamazoo, Robert Parsons.  They have 22 members, 12 were at state convention and 2 of them were state scholarship winners.  They have signed a contract with the Edison Neighborhood Association for their meeting location.  Meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm.  They sold out of all their shot glasses and had a successful raffle.  Invited everyone to a Thanksgiving potluck on Wednesday, November 13 at 7 pm.  They will end the year with a giving project by doing a Christmas card Braille give away to children.   Local fraternity brothers will do a toy drive to match their card give away. 

Wayne chapter, Marcus Simmons.  They have 19 members and meet at Archie’s Restaurant in Livonia the first Saturday of the month.  Lunch is at 12 pm and they have their meeting from 1-3 pm. 

Old business.  President Powell commended Derek for being on the board. 

	New business
Darryl Rice and Pat Pyle are alumni’s of Rocky Bottom senior retreat in South Carolina.  They are going to work on starting a senior at large chapter for our state affiliate. 
Next year’s state convention will be held in Troy November 6-8, 2020. 
Steve has offered one touch at our state convention and requests we donate $500 to One Touch project.  Fred move that our state affiliate appropriate $500 to One Touch Project, Sabrina seconded and it passed. 

The meeting adjourned at 11:48 am. 

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