[Nfbmo] Association of Blind Citizens To Webcast Authors Guild Protest From NYC Tue Apr 7 12:00 P.M. EDT

Mika Pyyhkala pyyhkala at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 19:42:36 UTC 2009

New York City (Monday April 6, 2009)

The Association of Blind Citizens, ABC, will produce a live webcast of
the Reading Rights Coalition, RRC,  protest being held at The Authors
Guild in New York City.  The webcast will begin on Tuesday April 7th
between 11:45 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. EDT

Listeners around the world can access the web page:
which has information and links for listening to the live event.  It
is recommended that you access this web page prior to the event so
that you can install the Talking Communities conference  web browser
component in advance.  A flash based and mp3 stream may also be
available at the above web address.

The Reading Rights Coalition is a joint effort made up of 27
organizations representing upwards of 15 million Americans who are
blind or otherwise  unable to readily use traditional print.  RRC
organizations and members will collectively protest the discriminatory
separate but not equal stance of the Authors Guild as it relates to
Ebooks and the Amazon Kindle  2 text to speech audio feature.

"The water company does not charge separate rates for the use of water
depending on whether the consumer is drinking it or using it to wash
dishes; it simply
charges for the amount of water used. By the same token, an e-book is
not inherently visual or aural, and to claim that reading it either
visually or aurally
should cost a different price is discriminatory."

The RRC web site, above, has in depth information regarding the
protest, an electronic petition, and other background and resource
material.  .

The board of directors of NFB of Massachusetts, ABC, as well as all
RRC organizations
collectively, encourage you to sign the online petition, attend the
protest in person or virtually, and sign up on the RRC web page to
receive action alerts and updates.  We urge you to widely circulate
this information to your email contacts, personal and professional
networks, and on vehicles such as Facebook and Twitter.

Mika Pyyhkala
Vice President
Association of Blind Citizens
Google Voice/SMS: (617) 202-3497
pyyhkala at gmail.com
Micro Blog: http://twitter.com/pyyhkala

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