[Nfbmo] employment, education, are you ar Braille or Print Reader

Rita A Lynch ralynch1950 at embarqmail.com
Tue Apr 14 21:53:23 UTC 2009

Hi Debbie,

Like Susan, you know most of this about me what I am about to say, but since 
you asked and if it will help, I will tell it.

I learned Braille about half of my life ago, about age 30.  I am so glad 
that I did so as it is a tremendous help to me in my everyday activities.  I 
would not be able to do my job, Rehabilitation Teacher for the blind, if I 
had not learned Braille.  Unlike some of my friends, however, who learned 
Braille at a much younger age, I am not a fast reader of Braille so I choose 
not to read Braille aloud in public.  When I need to make a report, etc. I 
do the outline in Braille and go from this.  I, of course, use Braille 
everyday on my job and at home.  There are so many ways that I use Braille 
but just a few to mention are teaching Braille, labeling file folders in 
Braille, keeping my roladex for work and home in Braille, do my budgeting in 
Braille including my checks written, etc., have my appliances marked in 
Braille, use Braille cookbooks, label my mail in Braille that I need to keep 
as I get it, keep appointments in Braille, and have my to do lists and my 
grocery lists in Braille.
     I also read to my grandchildren in Braille and use Braille recreational 
     I do write out my own checks with the help of a check writing guide and 
I also use the raised line checks.  Large print is of no help to me but I do 
find electronic notetakers and computers essential but I never want to be 
without my slate and stylus and/or my Perkins Brailler.  I feel that if I 
had learned Braille as a youngster, I feel certain that I would have been a 
much better reader but am glad that I learned it when I did.
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Subject: [Nfbmo] employment, education, are you ar Braille or Print Reader

>I would be interested in hearing from all of you , sharing what type of 
>employment you do? How di you obtain your goals? Do you read Braille, Large 
>Print, both or do you use another medium? If you are a Braille reader 
>please tell at what age you learned Braille, and how it impacts your life. 
>Do you use Braille to label your medicine, CD's, DVD's, microwavewwave? If 
>you use another alternative technique please share that as well.
> I am hoping to get lots of imput to share with our Parents of Blind 
> Children.
> Debbie Wunder
> debbiewunder at earthlink.net
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