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    Attached please find an updated list of available tutorials from Rigel Technology.
Please read the following
announcement and share it with others who may be interested.
Summer is nearing an end, and fall is approaching.  September means back to
school, and back to a regular work schedule for lots of people.  Rigel Technology
would like to help by offering a special price on our popular computer maintenance
Every year, you get a furnace or Air Conditioner tune-up.  You change your car's
oil on a regular basis, and you clean your gas grill so that it cooks with maximum
efficiency.  Computers need regular care too!  If your computer has been slowing
down, or acting strangely, maintenance service is probably your best solution.
Rigel computer maintenance service consists of several items.  First, we check for
crosslinked and temporary files and other unnecessary files taking up space in hidden
areas of your hard drive.  This can reclaim up to 25% of your total hard drive space.
Then, we search through your volatile RAM memory and find remove superfluous background
programs to maximize the potential of your RAM.  Next we check for and install updates
of your anti virus and anti spyware applications, and run spyware and virus checks.
After this, we configure your system settings for optimal overall performance.
Finally we run professional quality defragmentation and surface scan utilities to
complete the process.  This maintenance package can boost your computer performance
by an average of 35%, and if you have not had your computer serviced in a while,
you can get a performance boost of more than 50%!
This service can be performed either at your location, or as a remote service.  Regularly
priced at $125, Rigel Technology is offering this essential service for only $95
until Labor Day.  To schedule a maintenance for your computer, please call 888-723-5011,
ext. 1
Robert Leblond
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