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The below list of tutorials are available from Rigel Technology either as a direct download link or as an audio CD.  Each tutorial is available for $75.00 with an additional shipping/insurance charge of $6.00 for the actual CD.  Please contact us by phone to place your order.  We accept all major credit cards and checks.

Phone:  888-723-5011 Ext. 3



A tutorial focused on creating basic web sites using direct hypertext markup language.


No HTML Webs.

  Are you confused by HTML code?  Do you think you need an expensive

dedicated web editor to create stunning websites?  Wrong!  This session will examine

the use of Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, and PowerPoint as integrated web authoring

tools which enable a user to create dynamic, accessible websites.  We will discuss

creating and publishing hyperlinks appropriately to retain file integrity.


Window Eyes Basic Tutorial


Office 2003


Dragon Naturally Speaking


Using Multiple Adaptive Technologies

Learn to configure and install Jaws, Window Eyes, Zoomtext, Dragon Naturally Speaking and more so that they can coexist on your computer.


Using OmniPage

An affordable, effective OCR program that works well with screen readers and other adaptive software.  Learn to use it effectively.


PowerPoint Basics



A tutorial for beginners to advanced users.


Zip me up

  Zip files are great for sending large files over the internet,

for storage, and backup. This tutorial will discuss creating and extracting files in the .zip and .rar formats.  Downloading zipped files, using Winzip,  PK Zip for Windows and Secure Zip will be discussed, as well as using Windows compressed folder view.  We will also cover creating self extracting executable files.



Downloading Skype, learning to use it to talk to your family and friends throughout the nation and in other countries.  Holding an on-line family reunion!  Fun and Free!



Podcasts are hot, but many people have questions:  What is a podcast?

How can I find them? How to listen on your computer, and how to listen with Mobile

Devices. Discussion of accessible devices and what you should look for.  


Online Banking

This tutorial is designed to assist those not familiar with on-line banking to acquire an understanding of how financial institutions set up their web sites.  Learn how to navigate these sites securely and with confidence.  Determine for yourselves whether on-line bill pay will be for you.  Check balances, transfer funds and much more.  


Internet Security

With identity theft being a major concern for many Americans, we have developed this training tutorial to put some of these fears to rest.  What precautions can you take and what indicators will assist individuals from avoiding a catastrophe?  Explore this topic with us and you will acquire knowledge that is power that will allow you to be better prepared for ordering on-line, downloading files and more.



A tutorial for the MobilEyes user that allows you to learn quickly all the power and effectiveness of this product.


Internet Boot Camp

A tutorial designed to assist you in navigating the web and conducting effective web searches maximizing your time and energy.


Computer Maintenance

Learn how to maintain your computer for maximum efficiency.  A step by step guide.



A web browser that is easy to use and can do the job.  Learn how you can use this browser instead of Internet Explorer.


Jaws Intermediate

An exploration of beyond beinning instruction for Jaws users.

Creating and using Adobe Acrobat documents

Have you ever received a PDF file that you could not read with your screen reader?  Solve that issue and learn much more with this tutorial.


Networking 101

  So, you have a home network.  If you are using a laptop on your

patio, how do you print a file from the laptop to a printer connected to your desktop?

What if the file is located on yet another computer in your house?  Can you even

see and read the files on other home computers?  This tutorial will teach you the

basics of creating a home network.  Also, learn how to share files, printers, and

other resources over a network.


Back It Up!

Who's got your back?  

Every day, we get calls from people who have lost data through

hard drive failures, viruses, or just plain negligence.  This tutorial will discuss

different backup programs, and we will talk about what files require backup and which

do not.  Finally, we will analyze the differences between full backup, incremental

backup, differential backup and the pros and cons of different backup media.



Burn Baby Burn!

This tutorial will impart the techniques for burning CD's and DVD's.  Review of software functionalities and becoming proficient with the process will be explored.  Learning about various formats and developing an understanding of the steps to be taken for transference of videos, music, audeo books is the goal of this instructional download or CD.


Sharing Is Caring!

  This tutorials' topic is sharing.  Learn to transfer data between

peripherals such as digital cameras, camcorders, Mp3 players, SD, MMC, CF, and USB

devices.  Additionally, we will offer  methods and services which allow

you to give your friends and family access to your files without the cumbersome process

of e-mailing attachments.


Just The Fax, Please!

Someone is trying to send you a fax.  You don't have a fax

machine, so you cannot get it.  You need to send someone a fax.  You don't have a

fax machine so you need to find some fax service in the neighborhood to send it for

you.  Not really convenient, is it?  Purchase this tutorial and learn about how to use

your computer as a fax machine.  We will discuss various services (many free services)

and softwares that allow you to send and receive faxes from your computer.  Some

of them are screen reader friendly, and some are not.  


Thunderbird: New available e-mail client

Are you looking for an alternative to Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or the

new Windows Mail Clients?  Is web based e-mail too  cumbersome to navigate properly?

If so, be sure to procure this training tutorial.  Whether you use Jaws, Window Eyes, or System Access, this tutorial will benefit you.

Microsoft Mail clients are rich targets for viruses, and other malicious softwares.

Web based mail accounts are tedious to access and are generally loaded with ads.

The answer:  Thunderbird.  This is a mail client developed by Mozilla, the people

who brought us Firefox browser.  This session will cover how to properly install

and configure Thunderbird for use by individuals who use screen readers.  Also, we

will discuss importing e-mail accounts and addresses.  Don't miss this one!



Books, Books and More Books:  

This is a tutorial about-you guessed it-books. Learn

to use the Library of Congress site to download free audiobooks for you to use with

your Victor Stream.  Don't stop there!  Search the web for books in MP3, WMA, OGG

and other audio formats.  Shop at Audible and other commercial book resources.  The

internet literally makes the world your audio oyster.


Pay Pal and E-Bay

A marriage made in internet heaven.  Or is it consumer hell?

E-bay is a great way to make money online.  However, it is also a very convenient

way to lose your proverbial shirt.  This tutorial will cover not only the basics of

using e-bay, but how to avoid scams, how to enhance sales, and how to make the shrewdest

deals.  Also, we discuss creating a PayPal account, and associating that account

with your E-Bay and Bank accounts.  This tutorial is a pre-requisite for anyone wanting

to make real money online, and avoid the bad guys.


Victor, is that you?  

The Victor Reader Stream is the hottest new portable reading

and recording device for the blind and visually impaired on the market today.  This

tutorial will show you how to transfer files between the Victor and your computer,

how to read and record, how to navigate the Library of Congress website to download

books to your Victor Reader, and how to properly set up the NLS encryption key so

that you can access those books.  Additionally, we will discuss using the Victor

Reader Stream with Audible.com and System Access.




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