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JUNE 10, 1989


A.  Funding Priorities


     1.   Rittgers Memorial Fund money shall be made available for members of the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri wishing to attend a state convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri.  The following priorities shall be observed in making the determination to award money to those individual members submitting requests:


          a.   Members who will be attending their first Missouri Affiliate Convention shall be given first consideration by the Committee.


          b.   Members who are scholarship finalists will be given consideration after those in the first priority category have been either rejected or accepted for funding. 


          c.   Members who have previously attended a state convention will be considered for funding after the two foregoing groups are decided.


B.   Making Application


     1.   Any member may refer themselves for funding to the Chairman of the Rittgers Memorial Fund Committee.  In the case of a self referral, the Chairman shall request from a chapter officer, state officer, or state board member a recommendation regarding the financial need and present or potential organizational involvement of the applicant.


     2.   Members may be recommended by any chapter officer, state officer or state board member.  All referrals must be submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Committee established to consider Rittgers Memorial Fund Grants.


C.   Points of Consideration


     1.   All persons seeking funding from the Rittgers fund, whether they refer themselves or are referred by a chapter, state officer or board member, must demonstrate a financial need and specifically outline how the funds will be of help in allowing them to attend the state convention.


     2.   Items to be considered may include, but not be limited to:


          a.   Is the local chapter providing any financial assistance to the applicant?


          b.   Is the local chapter providing low-cost or free transportation to the convention for the applicant?


          c.   Is the local chapter or state affiliate helping in locating a roommate to defray hotel accommodation costs?


     3.   Any member applying for Rittgers Memorial Fund assistance who resides in the same local area where the state convention is being held, irrespective of what category they may be determined to be in by the Committee according to the afore mentioned priorities, must receive an affirmative vote of the Committee by one vote in excess of the majority in order to be granted funds.


D.   Determination of Assistance


     1.   The State Board of Directors may, at its discretion, determine that no registration fee shall be assessed those individual members receiving Rittgers Memorial funding at the state convention.  


     2.   The Committee may divide the funds available among the recipients in whatever manner they deem appropriate.


     3.   The decision of the Committee shall be made at least two weeks before the beginning of the state convention.  The Chairman shall notify the Affiliate President of the decisions made by the Committee.


     4.   In the event that a member who had been granted assistance is not able to attend the convention, the Committee may decide to award more money to each of the other recipients; may give all or part of the remaining money to any other single recipient; or may decide not to make any additional grants.  


E.   Awarding Assistance


     1.   The Affiliate Treasurer or the Committee Chairman shall present the Award to the recipients at the convention.


     2.   The Treasurer shall withdraw the money from the fund and be responsible for making it available to the Committee Chairman or directly to the recipients whichever way is determined to be preferable by the President of the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri.




Respectfully Submitted By

Mark Harris, Immediate Past Chairman

Rittgers Award Committee

Nominations should be sent to Bill Neal at 1909 Newton, Columbia, MO 65202-6205 or sent to 

Bill Neal
E-mail Address(es):
  bneal1944 at yahoo.com

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