[Nfbmo] Jacobus tenBroek Awards

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 11 23:58:27 UTC 2009

I need to select a Chairman here but only three chapters have reported. I have written to the three which have not and trust their presidents will do so immediately.




Adopted March 31, 1985

Amended March 16, 2002


            WHEREAS, time, and the lack of good documentation have a way of obscuring both the purpose for and the criteria to be used in giving organizational awards, and


            WHEREAS, the tenBroek Award has been a subject of considerable controversy due to these very problems, and


            WHEREAS, more recently we have had a dispute over who is to comprise the Committee which selects recipients, Now, therefore:


BE IT RESOLVED that the following policy statement be adopted for the administration of this award:


1)         The tenBroek award shall be presented to a sighted person who has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to improving the quality of life for the blind.


2)         The recipient of the tenBroek Award shall be a resident of the State of Missouri.


3)         The committee to select the recipient shall be comprised of a representative of each local chapter.  This representative may be selected by the chapter president or elected by the chapter membership depending on the desires of the local chapter.


4)         The chairperson of this committee shall be selected by the State President and shall be one of the representatives designated by the chapters.


5)         This award is presented only so often as the committee deems that a deserving person is available.


6)         A copy of this policy statement shall be distributed to each member of the committee by the chairperson prior to the selection of a recipient.  The State President shall be responsible for providing this statement to the Chairperson at the time of appointment.


7)   All nominations shall be in writing and distributed to all committee members by the Chairperson. 






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