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as much as we hope the troops come home safe, i always delete chain mail!

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came from a Marine unit over in Iraq .Their wish is to send it to as many 
people in the country as possible.                                 (Be sure 
to readtheir note at the end of thee-mail). Hopefully we can help them 
achieve their goal. 
ONE OR SEE DELETED                                This is a ribbon for 
soldiers fighting in Iraq. Pass it on to everyone and pray. 
SLEEP LAST NIGHT?                                 Bed a little lumpy... 
Toss and turn any...                                Wish the heat was 
higher...                                Maybe the a/c ! Wasn't on... 
Had to go to the john...                                Need a drink of 
water...                                ?                                ? 
?                                 Scroll down 
Yes.. It is like that!                                Count your blessings, 
pray for them,                                Talk to your Creator 
And                                The next timewhen... 
The other car cuts you off and you must hit thebrakes, 
Or you have to park a little further fromWalmart than you want to be, 
Or you're served slightly warm food at therestaurant, 
Or you're sitting and cursing the trafficin front of you, 
Or the shower runs out of hot water,                                Think of 
them...                                Protecting your freedom! 
DO NOT DELETE-PLS PASS ON -Message from Iraq 
The proud warriors of Baker Company wanted todo 
Something to pay tribute                                 To our fallen 
comrades So since we are part ofthe only 
Marine Infantry Battalion left in Iraq the oneway that we could 
Think of doing that is By taking a picture of 
Baker Company saying the way we feel.                                 It 
would be awesome if you could find a way toshare 
This with our fellow countrymen..                                 I was 
wondering if there was any way to                                 Get this 
into your                                 Papers to let the world know that 
'WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN'                                 And are proud to 
serve our country.                                 ' Semper If 1stSgt Dave 
Jobe.'                                The attached photo was forwarded from 
one ofthe last U.S. Marine companies in Iraq 
They would like to have it passed to as manypeople as possible, to let the 
folks back home know                                 That they remember why 
they're there andthat they remember those who've been lost. 
Send this to 13 people in the next 15 minutes.Go. 
Disclaimer: The information contained in this transmission isprivileged and 
confidential information intended only for the use of theindividual or 
entity named above. If the reader of this message is not theintended 
recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distributionor 
copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have 
receivedthis transmission in error, do not read it. Please immediately reply 
to thesender that you have received this communication in error and then 
delete it.Requested coverage is not added, deleted, changed or bound until 
the appropriateprovider of such requested coverage has confirmed that the 
request is granted.This includes any request made by telephone, facsimile, 
email, verbally, writtenor any other form of communication. Thank you. 
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