[Nfbmo] blind contestant on American Idol

Chasity Jackson chasityvanda at charter.net
Fri Jan 16 18:56:40 UTC 2009

Has anyone seen the blind contestant, Scott MacIntyre, on American Idol? Your thoughts? I personally think his voice was forgetable, but it will be interesting to see how far he makes it. It seemed to me that they made a bigger deal that he went to college and didn't let his blindness stand in the way. While it's great they emphasized this, the introduction to his audition seemed to be more focused on his blindness rather than his experiences as an artist in music. More interesting is the controversy surrounding his audition. For those who didn't see it, Ryan Seacrest, who is the host and does the voice over work introducing the contestants, high fived Scott after it was announced that he made it to Hollywood. Now, news articles are ridiculing Seacrest for this gesture saying it was wrong of him to high five a blind man who couldn't see it, and they consider this as Seacrest making fun of MacIntire's blindness. I personally think it was a nice friendly gesture, and I saw nothing wrong with it. Ryan Seacrest even announced to Scott, "I'm giving you a high five, and there it is." But there are now tons of news articles and blogs ridiculing Seacrest for this gesture.

Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on Scott and see if anyone else saw the audition.

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