[Nfbmo] blind contestant on American Idol

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No, i didn't see it but it sounded neat.  I lost my voice doing some singing 
of my own to about 90 minutes of AC-DC and we've been waiting eight years 
for them to come around again.

Bryan Schulz
The BEST Solution

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> Has anyone seen the blind contestant, Scott MacIntyre, on American Idol? 
> Your thoughts? I personally think his voice was forgetable, but it will be 
> interesting to see how far he makes it. It seemed to me that they made a 
> bigger deal that he went to college and didn't let his blindness stand in 
> the way. While it's great they emphasized this, the introduction to his 
> audition seemed to be more focused on his blindness rather than his 
> experiences as an artist in music. More interesting is the controversy 
> surrounding his audition. For those who didn't see it, Ryan Seacrest, who 
> is the host and does the voice over work introducing the contestants, high 
> fived Scott after it was announced that he made it to Hollywood. Now, news 
> articles are ridiculing Seacrest for this gesture saying it was wrong of 
> him to high five a blind man who couldn't see it, and they consider this 
> as Seacrest making fun of MacIntire's blindness. I personally think it was 
> a nice friendly gesture, and I saw nothing wrong with it. Ryan Seacrest 
> even announced to Scott, "I'm giving you a high five, and there it is." 
> But there are now tons of news articles and blogs ridiculing Seacrest for 
> this gesture.
> Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on Scott and see if anyone else saw 
> the audition.
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