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The following applies to the NFL contacts as well.



From: Danielsen, Chris
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Hello everyone:


It has come to our attention that in the 30- and 60-second video public service announcements prepared for the coin campaign, the Braille shown on the image of the coin is incorrect. It actually reads B-Q-L instead of B-R-L. This has so far gone unnoticed but was picked up by one of our affiliates recently. As a result we have taken the video spots off the Braille.org Web site. If you have copies of them please do not distribute them. We are working to see if we can resolve the situation but for the time being these video PSA's should not be distributed. The audio PSA's are of course unaffected by this problem, so please focus your efforts on getting these to radio stations in your area. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We will notify everyone when we have further information on this problem.


Chris Danielsen





Christopher S. Danielsen 

Director of Public Relations 


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Cell phone: 410-262-1281

Email: cdanielsen at nfb.org




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