[Nfbmo] New Accessible Diabetic Devices Available

Andrews, David B B (DEED) David.B.Andrews at state.mn.us
Sat Apr 24 02:01:37 UTC 2010

From: Wilson, Joanne [mailto:JWilson at nfb.org]
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2010 1:43 PM
To: Andrews, David B B (DEED)
Subject: New Accessible Diabetic Devices Available

Dear Colleagues,

Five years ago, the NFB asked all the blood 
glucose meter companies to make a talking meter 
for our members.  Prodigy was the only company to 
step up and make a talking meter. At our request, 
they made the first talking Prodigy AutoCode™ 
meter.  They also worked with many NFB Team 
members for over a year and made the first fully 
audible Prodigy Voice™ meter allowing NFB Members 
with diabetes total independence. In 2008, we 
presented the NFB Access + Award to Prodigy for their Prodigy Voice™ meter.

The Count-A-Dose has been used for many years by 
blind diabetics, so they can independently fill 
their insulin syringes. We were told it would no 
longer be available and we asked Prodigy again to 
help us out.  Prodigy bought the patent rights to 
make the Count-A-Dose, and after some slight 
improvements, they released the new Prodigy 
Count-A-Dose® on April 1st, 2010.  The NFB 
Independence Market in Baltimore will be selling the Prodigy Count-A-Dose®

Later this year, Prodigy will also be releasing 
the first fully audible insulin pump, as well as 
a talking pill bottle, a laser lancing device, 
and other new accessible products. Please pass on 
this information on to blind diabetics.


Joanne Wilson
Executive Director of Affiliate Action
National Federation of the Blind

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