[Nfbmo] A request

Gene Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Wed Dec 8 03:25:58 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,
I am asking a small amount of understanding for the next few days for Carol. 
Our life has been turned upside down as her 46 year old sister, Theresa, was 
diagnosed with colon cancer last week.  She had surgery Monday and her 
recovery has been a little rocky. They won’t know how serious the cancer is 
until the end of the week.
As you can imagine this has Carol on pins and needles and a lot of time is 
being spent at the hospital.
Please keep Carol and Theresa in your prayers and thoughts.
And, don’t forget to get your colinscopy when you are due for it!
If you are needing something of her don’t worry she will get to it as 
quickly as time permits.
Thanks everyone in our Federation family
PS –She has no idea I sent this. 

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