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> show in Las Vegas, NV.  One of the technologies blind consumers have been 
> wishing for is an accessible digital TV set top box.  Through the work of 
> a firm
> called Ocean Blue Software, such a device may soon be a reality.
> Ocean Blue,
> along with
> ST Micro Electronics,
> makers of chipsets for digital boxes, is exhibiting here in Vegas.  The 
> group of us attending CES on the NFB's behalf were able to see a private 
> demo.
> Using pre-recorded BBC content, the box seemed to work well.  As channels 
> were changed, the box read out the new program to which it was being 
> tuned.  The
> speech was clear and human sounding.  Information about the program's 
> duration, and special attributes like subtitles or audio description were 
> also announced.
> If one wished, one could enter the set top box's configuration menus to 
> change preferences like toggling the DVS track on and off.  The electronic 
> programming
> guide (epg) was also able to be read.
> I am intrigued and fascinated by Ocean Blue's work on this set top box. 
> You can see a demo at
> http://www.oceanbluesoftware.co.uk/talkingtv-video-form.shtml
> The company hopes to roll the software out in the US once they find a 
> broadcast partner to include it in their set top box.  We in the NFB are 
> working
> with the firm to help this become a reality.
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