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FacebookAccessibility ImprovementPetition.

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> Subject: [Youth-slam] Please sign the Facebook Accessibility 
> ImprovementPetition.
>> Respected NFB Youth Slam and the National Federation of the blind,
>> two years ago I made the FCAP (Facebook Change for Accessibility
>> Petition). The goal was to let Facebook know of some of the changes
>> we, as the VI community, wish to see occuring on the site.
>> It could be said that the FCAP was successful, with the added efforts
>> of other Visually Impaired Facebook users: Now we have accessibility
>> rolling- Facebook joined up with the AFB.
>> But improvements are needed, and not much has changed since the FCAP
>> went into effect and Facebook made their blog post on the commitment
>> to accessibility. The "new facebook" is still just as horrible as it
>> was previously, although it a bit more accessible with headings and
>> lists.
>> I've been asked to make a petition for Facebook detailing some of the
>> challenges we face (no pun intended there). This of course is an honor
>> as always, and I wish to state that the petition is now a Facebook
>> group.
>> If any other petitions have been made with the same goal, please let
>> me know - I'd love to link that to the group/and have more sign it!
>> Please sign the Facebook Accessibility Improvement Petition (FAIP,
>> pronounced faip, or F ay i p, either works). The more signers we get,
>> the more likely Facebook will notice the petition and create changes.
>> This petition contains the latest concerns which we find using the
>> service, and if you feel that I should add or change anything within
>> the text, please let me know either through this list, by messaging me
>> on Facebook, or discussing it on the group's board. The petition is
>> open for both sighted and blind users, as our goal is to be in the
>> mainstream.
>> It will be sent to Facebook via e-mail after the first month of
>> signing. If no response or changes come from the corporation, I will
>> personally mail the petition to their headquarters with the
>> hand-signatures of myself and supporting students/professionals. I
>> plan to do this as a last resort (after attempting to ask them about
>> accessibility personally has failed).
>> Visit
>> http://m.facebook.com/profile.php?re463a7f6&id=231057473110&refid=40
>> for the group page. This opens the Mobile version of Facebook's site.
>> If you wish to sign it with the regular facebook, simply due a search
>> for "accessibility petition" or accessibility improvement petition. :)
>> With all the best,
>> Tomi/
>> The Journalist
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