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Subject: [Blindattic] A Study on Screen Readers for Cell Phones

> Aa research project is being conducted at the University of Maryland
> Baltimore County (UMBC), to identify the strengths and weaknesses of 
> screen
> readers for cellular phones (e.g. Nuance Talks, SmartHal, MobileSpeak,
> Oratio, in-built screen readers such as Voice Over etc). We are looking to
> perform phone-based interviews with users, with the aim of designing a
> system to address the challenges faced.We are looking for both expert 
> users
> and people who have recently started using mobile screen readers too.
> Interviews will be scheduled at a convenient time for you in the course of
> the next two to three weeks. All information will be kept securely.If you
> are interested in participating, could you please contact Dr. Ravi Kuber 
> and
> his team at umbcresearchstudy at yahoo.com (umbcresearchstudy at yahoo dot 
> com)
> indicating your experience with mobile screen readers and which 
> dates/times
> are suitable for us to contact you.
> Please do not reply back to the mailing list itself.If you have already
> participated in the pilot study conducted this time last year, you are not
> eligible to participate this time, but please pass on thisnotice to your
> friends. This protocol has been approved by the UMBC Institutional 
> Research
> Board (Y09RK12088) Apologies for any cross-posting.Thanks,Dr. Ravi
> KuberUniversity of Maryland Baltimore CountyEmail:
> umbcresearchstudy at yahoo.comWeb page: http://www.umbc.edu/~rkuber

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