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      Brain Injury and Vision Loss: Medical Insights 

      Into Our New Challenge

      Topic for Day-Long MacFarland Seminar at AER International Conference in Little Rock


      With a great lineup of general and concurrent sessions, the AER International Conference 2010 in Little Rock next month will provide hours of outstanding educational programming for vision professionals. And, there's more! 

      The pre-conference MacFarland Seminar will be held Wednesday, July 21, on "Brain Injury and Vision Loss: Medical Insights into our New Challenge." The in-depth, day-long seminar will investigate the impact of head injury on vision loss.


      Leading the list of esteemed speakers is Dr. Ann McKee, Associate Professor of Neurology and Pathology at Boston University School of Medicine and Director of the Neuropathology Service of the New England Veterans Administration Medial Center, who will discuss the anatomical and behavioral changes associated with acquired brain injury (ABI). Dr. McKee is known for successfully convincing the National Football League to change its policies on concussions and recently received funding to study repetitive head injuries in athletes. Allison Hayes, co-founder of Neuro Vision Technology in Australia, will talk about specific effects of brain injury on visual function in adults and suggest treatment approaches that may ameliorate the impact of the disease. Dr. Lea Hyvarinen, a world-renowned pediatric ophthalmologist based in Finland, will conclude the medical presentation by addressing ABI in children, ranging from cortical visual impairment to concussions and other head trauma. The seminar ends with a panel discussion about the impact of ABI on a daily basis. 


      The MacFarland Seminar requires a separate registration fee in addition to conference registration. Day rates are available. 


      Hurry! Register today. Advance registration ends July 2. 

      For more information, please visit www.aerbvi.org/2010conference or call 877-492-2708.   


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