[Nfbmo] An inquiry

Eugene Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Sun Mar 28 23:44:36 UTC 2010

Greetings one and all,
Our President has asked everyone for feedback on the convention  by Wednesday March 31 to be sent to him. In addition, I would like feedback about our hotel arrangements such as the acceptability of meeting space, registration area, staff courtesy, size of hotel, things you would like to be done differently, etc.
Do you enjoy the program-free lunch like we had where you can just relax or would you rather have a program item or meeting?
Now, that we have run into hotels that provide buffet breakfasts what option do you want for the Sunday morning prayer breakfast? (Please only answer if you generally attend the breakfast) A. Not do the breakfast; B. pay $5.00 to have the hotel set up a separate buffet  like this year where we only pay for setup, or C. have a plated breakfast at a cost of $12.00 to $15.00 a piece.

You need not bother to complain about the sound system as I am first in line. Also, feel free to comment on the menu selection for lunch or dinner but complaining about the quality of food is pointless and has been since the term "rubber chicken" or beef was first invented.
Feel free to make these comments to me separately or include in comments to Gary about program  and other items that he desires.

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