[Nfbmo] Junior Science Academy

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 29 12:55:31 UTC 2010

Hi Rosina. Please give your husband our very best and congratulations to 
Roman. We missed you this weekend but poor Debbie also had to miss the 
convention. our grandson Ethan broke his femur and is in the hospital and 
she's been there with only one four hour interruption since Wednesday 
evening and that four hours was to come home and move furniture in 
preparation for his wheelchair.

We'll see you next year and yay to Roman.

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Sorry that I missed the Convention everyone, as I really wanted to go, but 
my husband just got out of the hospital from his second back surgery. I 
couldn't leave him on his own.

But for the exciting news!!!

Roman got accepted for the Junior Science Academy. We are sooo excited. 
Can't wait for him to learn how to do all the science things that he loves.

Can't stay long as my hubby needs me, but just had to share.


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