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Mon May 24 13:35:33 UTC 2010

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Subject: Legislative wrap up

Hello Gary:

Can you forward.

Hello Everyone:

Just a final wrap up of the 2010 Legislative session; with the funding for the Blindness skills specialist program we had  a loss of a little over one thousand dollars in the requested funding.

With the accessible text book bill despite our best efferts there was no progress made on the bill.

This would have had to been done by the Speaker of the Missouri House and even with our encouragement the bill did not make progress.

I want to thank everyone who helped out makeing phone calls and sending emails and those who came to the Jefferson City seminar.

Our work is on going and we will once again next year work for Legislation which will make the lives of Blind Missourians better.

Warmest regards

Brian Wekamp 

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