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Hey Gary, You said it will be in Somersville MO.
Is that the one in Texas county?
I ask because I am from the Summersville Hartshorn area, but I noticed that 
you spelled it different, Are there 2 summersville's but with different 
The one I am from, we spell it with a U, you have S O M E.
And is she from that area? that last name doesn't ring a bell, There only 
about 500 people in the area that's why I ask.
I don't remember any other blind people in the area but my self and one 
other older guy that is in a band, it is so remote that we can't get around.
Anyway let me know if we are talking about the same place.
If we are, it will be in the local paper next week.

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> Many of you will remember that Janet and Mark dew were members of the St.
> Louis chapter 15 or 20 years ago.  In 2008 Janet participated in our 
> Mission
> Believe project.  She loved the teaching, the adventure activities, and 
> the
> change she saw in the lives of the children we worked with for a weekend.
> On Wednesday following Mission Believe, Janet was taken to the hospital 
> and
> tests revealed that she had an aggressive brain tumor the name of which I
> believe is astrocytoma.  Janet came to live with us for several months 
> while
> she got cancer treatments at the Ellis Fischel hospital.  The treatments
> worked, and the tumor was shrunk to insignificance.  Janet was warned,
> however, that these tumors almost always return and that when they do they
> are even more aggressive than in their initial incarnation.
> I am sorry to tell you that Janet's tumor was discovered just over a month
> ago, and she left us at six this evening.  Her funeral will take place on
> Wednesday in Somersville Missouri, and if all goes well with the procedure 
> I
> am to have in the morning, I've been asked to deliver her eulogy.  If any 
> of
> you have memories you would care to share with me, I'll do my very best to
> incorporate them.
> Please keep Janet's family in your prayers, and also please pray for 
> Debbie
> For she and Janet regarded each other as sisters.  Although we have all 
> had
> time to prepare for what we knew would come, the loss is terribly hard.
> Gary
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