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Fran, your note is wonderful. You set a hard to follow example. Thank you so


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We are actively trying to engage Rolla in the Who's Whozit effort.  I
received sample packets for all the age groups, but was late in asking, so
didn't get them until October 5th after our monthly meeting on 10/2/2010.
Today I have contacted the public school principals for them to suggesti
ways to get at least some braille cards & Whozit information into their
systems this month.  President Helen Parker and I are willing to see to it
that we at least get a foot in the door.  All I talked to were receptive,
but the only commitment I have is to be contacted for the regular Middle
School "Acceptance Awareness" day the last week in September 2011.
Helen and I are scheduled to be on the "Morning Mayors" radio this Friday
for an interview--something Helen has done several times to promote White
Cane day.  I also plan to take her to both Republican and Democrat local
offices to make sure they meet a blind person to help educate them on the
importance of Braille.  We're doing our candy bar sales this month and
passing out literature.  I will try to pass on what I've learned about
involving people in philanthropy. 
All of this was to answer the question below that was forwarded.  We don't
know any blind children and are still trying to find out how to contact any
that we are sure are in our area.  Try us another year concerning the BELL
 Fran Morris, Sec'y SCM chapter
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