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Hello All:


Thank you all for committing to help promote the effort to receive $250,000
for the 2011 NFB Youth Slam. I'm sending this e-mail not only to remind all
of you of the huge importance of this effort, but also give you some tips on
how you can make a significant push in your community. We all know the value
of the dollar in this economy, and how important it is to secure funding for
these vital programs for blind youth. But this initiative goes beyond the
money. This campaign is an easy way to disseminate the brand of the NFB, to
let our communities know of the work we do for the blind, and to let them
know why we do it.
As has been said before, we're beginning Meet the Blind Month a little early
this year. 


Attached you'll find two versions of a promotional flyer for distribution.
One is a simple one-pager that is best used for small quantity distribution.
The other file is a more complex, but space-saving version that has
quarter-page ads to be cut out. You'll note that there are two pages in that
file, the second page is meant to be printed on the reverse of the first


Now to use those flyers! Here are some ideas for how you can capitalize on
events in your community!


1.	Contact the church you attend. Ask if they will print a small
blurb in the bulletin and/or allow you to leave a stack of flyers in the
vestibule. Pass them out before or after Sunday School. 
2.	Ask your local Lion's Club, Rotary, etc. to pass out flyers and
get behind the cause. 
3.	Organize a group to attend your local high school football game.
Pass out flyers at the entrances or in the parking lot, or ask if the PA
announcer could announce the texting option at halftime. 
4.	Organize a group to attend your local semi-professional, or
professional sporting team. The Baltimore chapter found great success in
August going to the Ravens game. No need to buy tickets, stand at the
entrances or speak to tailgaters before the game. Have them get out their
phones and text with you standing there! 
5.	Have a state or county fair in September? Grab some funnel cake,
organize a group, and pass out flyers! 
6.	Attending a PTA meeting? Great opportunity to make use of a
captive audience to either pass out flyers or have them text! 


Ran out of flyers? No problem! Here are some non-flyer ideas:


1.      Contact your local press. Other projects in the Pepsi Refresh
campaign have been successful in getting their project covered in their
local press. Why not us? Here's the press release produced by the NFB's PR
<http://www.nfb.org/nfb/NewsBot.asp?MODE=VIEW&ID=653&SnID=247039267> .
Work with your local newspaper or radio station to get some air time or
print space. If all else fails, how about an Op Ed piece? 

2.      Designate a time in your chapter meetings to vote, walk those
who have trouble through the steps. Pepsi's site is bad, but it's bad for
everyone, blind and sighted alike. It can be, and has been, done by all.

3.      Those with state conventions in September should be sure to
actively get members registered and remind them to vote.

4.      And of course, if you have Facebook and Twitter, and haven't yet
sent out regular messages urging friends and contacts to vote, you can make
up for it by doing it in September.

5.      If you don't have Facebook and Twitter, you obviously have an
e-mail address, so make use of it and send out notices to all of your
contacts. Remind them to keep voting!

6.      Tell your members to make an effort to tell someone new each day
about the effort, and to follow up with them later to make sure they are
still voting. 


Don't let this list stifle your creativity. There are many more ways to
promote the effort and climb the rankings. We moved up 45 spots last month.
At my last glance, we now we only have to move up 23 in September. But work
quickly, every day lost represents more votes that we fall behind those
projects in the lead. Believe me, they are motivated and they are mobilized.
Let's show them the power of the organized blind!


Seth Lamkin

Grant Program Officer

Jernigan Institute


200 East Wells Street

     at Jernigan Place

Baltimore, MD 21230

Cell: (919) 923-0140

Fax: (410) 659-5129



Promote Access to Science Education for Blind Students

Vote for the NFB Youth Slam in the Pepsi Refresh Project
<http://www.refresheverything.com/nfbyouthslam> , or text 101913 to Pepsi



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