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     Thanks for forwarding this post!
     I attended a demo of Blio at the National  Convention and was *very* 
impressed with it.  It's intended for
all users, sighted, VI or blind thus eliminating the segregation of   the 
reading public.  To sighted readers it
offers a full true-scanned image of the original book including all  
illustrations and text, the ability to change
the presentation of the book (double-page, single page or maginification)  
as well as for some books the
ability to highlight the word, line or sentence being read aloud  by Blio's 
native text-to-speech engine (a very
academic almost-British voice).  It can also work with screen readers  if 
you prefer a different speech engine -
I'm not sure if the highlighting ability is maintained.  Blio offers  
bookmarking and I think I recall that it offers
the ability to enter notes associated with bookmarks.  It is also  intended 
to be device-independent - it will be
available on any current computing platform and operating system, pad (like 
 the iPad and others coming out)
and smart phones.   
     I was really impressed with what I saw at the  demo.  It was noted 
that Blio will have an integrated link
to a book distributing firm which willl allow Blio users to purchase Blio  
formatted ebooks at a competitive
price to other platforms like the inaccessible Kindle and Nook.  As it  was 
explained, since all currently pub-
lished books are already in a digital format to prepare them for printing,  
a Blio program reads books from proprietary publishing digital formats  and 
translate them into the Blio format, speeding up the
process of making books available.   If this sounds cumbersome,  it's not 
-the same thing has to be done
to ready books for printing by a given printing house.
      I'm really excited about this and will be  downloading Blio next week!
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> FYI!
> "[Blio],  will be available for download starting on September
> 28 directly from  Blio's website. Sure, Blio's no Amazon or
> Barnes & Noble, but  they're promising a million free titles at
> launch and they've  partnered with Baker & Taylor to provide
> another 10,000. We're  also intrigued by the software's
> advanced text-to-speech  capabilities
> -- hey, don't forget Ray Kurzweil is the founder! Not too  far
> after the launch of the PC software, Blio will be  releasing
> Android, iPhone and iPad apps."
> Source,  Engadget:
>  http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/15/blio-for-pc-will-be-availabl
>  e-on-september-28-ios-and-android-a/
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