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Several days ago, President Wunder announced that he is working on
reappointing all committees. This will involve changing several 2committee
chairpersons as well. Below and attached is a listing of all current
Committees and a brief description of each. With this information, you
should be able to respond to President Wunder's earlier message.

Thanks Your!

Shelia Wright


Description of NFB of Missouri Committees


Achievement Award Committee: Distributes scholarship

applications, reviews returned applications, decides on the

number and amount of scholarships we will give within the amount

allocated by the Board of Directors.


Braille Action Committee: Promotes the use of Braille through education and
projects such as Braille Readers are

Leaders contest by advertising it, distributing forms, and

following-up to publicize the names of winners.


Fellowship Committee: Similar to the Good Cheer Committee found

in many chapters, this group tries to send cards and or flowers

to those who are ill or who are suffering some loss and how need

to know they are cared about and loved.


Good Works Committee: Receives requests and makes cash grants to

people in need of financial help.


Governmental Affairs Committee: Works to know the laws of the

state and nation regarding blind people, does research on how to

improve these laws, and talks with legislators about current or

future legislation.


Jernigan Award: Selects a blind person who has given superior

service and merits the highest recognition the Affiliate can

offer to a member who is blind. This committee is made up of the three most
recent recipients of the award. 


Membership Committee: Actively works on the recruitment of new

members, the formation of chapters, and the strengthening of

current chapters.  In cases where we have no chapters and where

the population of an area is not likely to support one, works to

build and maintain a program for members at large.


Nominating Committee: Prepares a slate of willing and qualified

candidates to serve on the Board of the NFB of Missouri and on

other positions which the Federation can appoint.


Public Relations: Work to disseminate the message of hope which

the Federation brings by ensuring our programs and activities are

made known in the media.


Resolutions: Solicits, drafts and perfects policy statements for

ratification or rejection by the Convention of the NFB of

Missouri.  Resolutions may be commendations, condemnations, or

policy statements.


Rittgers Committee: Takes applications from those needing funds

in order to attend the Convention of the NFB of Missouri, and

decides amounts each applicant will receive.


Jacobus tenBroek Award: Selects a sighted person who has given

superior service and merits the highest recognition the Affiliate

can offer to a member who is sighted.


Ways and Means: Develops and implements programs to raise the

funds we need to carry out the programs of the NFB of Missouri

and to make significant contributions to our national treasury.


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