[Nfbmo] Springfield MO Voters Pass City Smoking Ban

Gary Wunder GWunder at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 6 23:36:52 UTC 2011

Dewey, I can only hope that you did not intend to post what appears in your
second message to the list of the National Federation the blind of Missouri
mailing list. It is definitely rude, crude, and inappropriate. It may be
that the issue of smoking has some relevance on this list because one of our
policies is that we do not allow smoking in our meetings. There is, however,
no call for the rant, and that is a polite term for it, for what you say
about liberals, conservatives, and others. Conservatives can have asthma and
need protection. People with emphysema need smoke-free environments. It is
true that smokers need to have places where they can smoke, but one thing
which is beyond debate is that breathing is a more fundamental human right
than smoking.

I trust you will not let a post with the language demonstrated in the one
you just sent appear on our list again. If you want to single out
individuals and speak with them this way, and if they are willing to
tolerate it, that's none of our business. What gets posted to an NFB list
is. I'm sorry to be rough with you, but this was totally inappropriate.


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