[Nfbmo] Springfield MO Voters Pass City Smoking Ban

Dewey Bradley deweyspr at mediacombb.net
Thu Apr 7 01:31:54 UTC 2011

It was ment  for just 1 person, I did control R, but it whent out to 
And the person who it was ment for doesn't respect anyone elses views him 
But as I stated it was not ment for everyone
This person is the reason that I don't go to the chapter meetings, but I 
wont say any names

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> Dewey, I can only hope that you did not intend to post what appears in 
> your
> second message to the list of the National Federation the blind of 
> Missouri
> mailing list. It is definitely rude, crude, and inappropriate. It may be
> that the issue of smoking has some relevance on this list because one of 
> our
> policies is that we do not allow smoking in our meetings. There is, 
> however,
> no call for the rant, and that is a polite term for it, for what you say
> about liberals, conservatives, and others. Conservatives can have asthma 
> and
> need protection. People with emphysema need smoke-free environments. It is
> true that smokers need to have places where they can smoke, but one thing
> which is beyond debate is that breathing is a more fundamental human right
> than smoking.
> I trust you will not let a post with the language demonstrated in the one
> you just sent appear on our list again. If you want to single out
> individuals and speak with them this way, and if they are willing to
> tolerate it, that's none of our business. What gets posted to an NFB list
> is. I'm sorry to be rough with you, but this was totally inappropriate.
> Gary
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