[Nfbmo] House Bill Substitute on Disabilities Moves To The Senate

Shelia Wright sbwright95 at att.net
Thu Apr 14 18:12:06 UTC 2011

Today, the Missouri House of Representatives passed the House Substitute
Bill for HB 555 by a vote of 157 to 0. We began work on HB 555 in February
with members visiting legislators, testifying in person at the hearing,
submitting written testimony, and many making phone calls throughout this
legislative session. Language prohibiting a child being removed from the
care of their disabled parents solely on the basis of their disability has
evolved into a large disability bill that combines a number of disability
issues. Members of the House have shown overwhelming support for this bill
and it will now move to the Missouri Senate to continue through the
necessary legislative process.                     


With only four weeks left in the session, it will be important to continue
to follow the progress of the bill. It's a good opportunity to thank members
of the Special Standing Committee on Disability and your local
Representatives for their support; however, efforts to renew interest of
Senators, many of whom showed support early in the session for SB134, needs
to be rekindled as work on the House Substitute for HB 555 begins in the
Senate. The bill must be heard on the Senate floor, assigned to a committee,
heard by the committee and returned to the floor in time for floor action.
Not impossible, but not anything we can take for granted either, especially
considering the number of bills that have been combined into one large bill.
Please watch for notice of action that will be needed in order to be sure
that this bill does not get forgotten during the final weeks of the session.
The momentum is good but there is still work ahead before the victory can be
claimed. Let's see this through to the end!

Shelia Wright

First Vice President

National Federation of the Blind of Missouri



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