[Nfbmo] FW: Requesting VETO SB 188

Dewey Bradley deweyspr at mediacombb.net
Tue Apr 19 21:32:23 UTC 2011

What does this bill do?
is it one of these union things that everyone is griping about?, I have not 
read this bill, how does it hurt workers?

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> Subject: Requesting VETO SB 188
> I am very troubled to report that the Missouri House and Senate have 
> passed
> SB 188, a bill that seriously hurts Missouri employees.  The bill was sent
> to the Governor on April 18, 2011.  It is critical that Governor Nixon 
> this bill so that it does not become the law of Missouri.
> My colleagues and I in the Kansas City and St. Louis chapters of the
> National Employment Lawyers Association, along with other coalition
> partners, are reaching out to organizations throughout Missouri to enlist
> their assistance in opposing this bill's attempt to strip Missouri workers
> of their hard-fought and longstanding employment rights.
> I am hoping that you will contact your organization members, supporters 
> and
> colleagues to urge them to contact Governor Nixon to ask him to VETO SB 
> 188.
> Why is SB 188 bad for Missouri?
> * It severely limit the rights of employees mistreated in the
> workplace because of their disability, race, sex, religion, etc.
> * It undermine the "whistleblower" protections for employees who
> report suspected criminal or fraudulent conduct by their employer;
> * It would make it much easier for non-Missouri corporations to force
> Missouri employees to pursue their claims in federal courts (sometimes far
> from their homes or workplaces) before Washington-appointed federal judges
> who are not accountable to Missouri citizens like state court judges are;
> * The bill eliminates personal responsibility and accountability for
> the individuals who engage in employment discrimination or harassment, or
> who retaliate against those who oppose or resist such unlawful conduct.
> This bill has strong support from businesses in Missouri.  Contrary to the
> bill sponsor's claim, these bills do not simply "conform" Missouri law to
> federal law, nor "mirror" the protections of the federal Civil Rights Act.
> In many instances, SB 188 treats offending corporations much more 
> favorably
> - especially out of state corporations, and they treat affected employees
> much more harshly, than the federal law does.  Moreover, these measures
> actually roll back protections that exist under the current Missouri Human
> Rights Act and decisions of the Missouri Supreme Court.
> SB 188 is on the Governor's desk and time is running short.  We therefore
> ask you to alert your membership to this issue and urge them to write,
> e-mail or telephone Governor Nixon immediately and insist that he veto 
> this
> legislation.
> Please contact Governor Nixon and tell him why SB 188 is bad for Missouri.
> Governor Jay Nixon
> P.O. Box 720
> Jefferson City, MO 65102
> Phone: (573) 751-3222
> Fax:  (573)751-1495
> Email:  <http://governor.mo.gov/contact/>
> Please feel free to contact me with questions about the bill.  I sincerely
> appreciate your help.
> Amy Coopman
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>  Roper & Hofer, P.C.
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