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Hello and I hope that your day is going well. Below is information on the
summer 2011 VI classes at MSU. I would appreciate it if you would pass the
information out to your contacts like you have in the past. Thanks have a
nice day, and I will catch up with you later.
Online VI Course Offerings
Summer 2011
Missouri State University

If you desire to apply to the VI program, please contact the Teacher
Certification office at 417-836-8772 to begin the application process.

The following courses will be offered Summer 2011

?     SPE 606 Principles of Orientation & Mobility (3 credit hours):
Instructor: Aundrayah Shermer
This course is an introduction class. The focus of the course will be on the
acquisition of knowledge relating to orientation and mobility for students
with visual impairments and the application of this knowledge through a
variety of performance-based activities.

?     SPE 607 Introduction to Visual Impairments, Autism and Severe/Multiple
Disabilities   (3 credit hours):
Instructor: Julie Ituarte
This course is an introduction to educational programs and services for
students with visual impairments, autism, deaf-blindness, and multiple

*BOTH SPE 606 and 607 are ON-LINE courses

For questions or more information about the VI certification program

Julie Ituarte
E-mail: jandersonituarte at missouristate.edu

Tim Lehmann

Disability Projects Coordinator

College Of Education

Missouri State University

Hill Hall 401

901 South National Avenue

Springfield, Missouri 65897

Office 417-836-4248   Fax 417-836-4884

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