[Nfbmo] Applications for Rittgers Award to National Convention

DanFlasar at aol.com DanFlasar at aol.com
Wed Apr 27 06:53:10 UTC 2011

To:       All interested parties
From:    Dan Flasar, Chair, 2011 Rittgers Awards  Committee
Re:        Solicitation to apply for  2011 Rittgers Award to attend the 
2011 NFB National convention to be held 
             from  July 3rd through July 8th, 2011, in Orlando Florida.
Date:     04/26/11
Hello all!
   The NFB National Convention is coming up this July!  The  NFB of Missouri
is again offering a stipend for first time national NFB  convention 
attendees. To apply, send an email 
requesting consideration  for the stipend to:
d_anflasar at aol.com_ (mailto:danflasar at aol.com) _
or by phone, 
(314)646-7128 (leave message, callback number and best day and time to call 
Please provide the following information:
City, State, Zip
Phone Number
email (if available)
Short note on why you wish to attend the convention.
Identify what financial help you need - for example, hotel room, travel  
expenses, registration, etc.
    I will distribute all applications to the  other members of the 
Rittgers Awards Committee upon receipt.
Awards amounts are determined by applicant need and amount of  funding 
allocated  by the 
NFBMO Board of Directors.
1. Must be a dues-paid member of the NFB of Missouri as  of time of
application, or show an interest in becoming a member of the  NFB
2. Have never attended an NFB national convention before.
3. Must  participate in the convention activities and be willing to
report on their  experience.
4.  All applications must be received by 05/15/2011.   Award recipients 
will be notified within one week.


Dan Flasar
Chair, 2010 National Convention  Scholarship Committee
_danflasar at aol.com_ (mailto:danflasar at aol.com) _  (mailto:danflasar at aol.com)

Committee  members:
Dan Flasar, Chair
Rita  Lynch
Laura Rios
Penny Parr
  Jeremiah Wells
  Bill Neal

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