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To All of Our Family and Friends,                                                                     December 3, 2011

This year has been a year of much joy, but also much sadness.  In January, JC’s mom, Jana Moynihan, passed away.  We have greatly missed her throughout the year and really appreciate the love and support of all of our friends and family that came to the funeral, sent cards, or called us with their sympathy.  

January was also the start of a new life for us when we found out that Kristen was pregnant.  The pregnancy was definitely a new experience filled with its ups, downs, and wondering if our child would look like a Cheerio as it was Kristen’s pregnancy food of choice.  Throughout the months, we put together the nursery and prepared to be parents of a new little boy on the way, by attending childbirth and parenting classes. Then on September 26th at 9:54am, Samuel James Moynihan was born!  

Sammy has brought so much joy to our family!  He’s a very happy little baby with JC’s laidback personality.  He’s a great eater, regaining his birth weight of 8 lbs by his 2-week checkup and was 12 lbs 1.5 oz at his 2-month checkup.  He’s also a very active baby and now loves to spend time on his play-mat/gym and working on his coordination by bopping the hippo, koala bear, and monkey.  He can’t wait to talk because he is watching our mouths and making all sorts of gurgles, grunts, and various other noises trying to imitate our movements.  His strength increases every week as he gets better at holding his head up and pushing off of us with his arms and legs. Sammy loves being in his infant carrier and stroller.  He’s been everywhere these past 9 weeks!  His first trip out was to Sam’s Club, since then he’s been to restaurants, stores, the mall, parks, and even the zoo!

Most people think Sammy looks more like JC than Kristen; you’ll have to look at the enclosed pictures and decide for yourself!  Speaking of pictures, Sammy is getting used to the camera as we took about a 1000 pictures by his first months birthday.  See the best of the pictures on http://jkmoynihan.shutterfly.com  

Sammy had a great first Halloween.  He was a green dragon in a puffy costume that kept him nice and toasty while we trick-or-treated at the various neighbors’ houses.  After his milk, Sammy let out his first big smile that reached all the way to his eyes!  It just made us melt and now every day we go searching for Sammy Smiles!  Then Thanksgiving came around, we hosted again, and Sammy was “Mommy’s Little Turkey!” in a cute Thanksgiving outfit.  This will be the only year that the turkey will weigh more than Sammy!  Later that weekend, on Sunday November 27th, Sammy was baptized at St. John’s United Church of Christ – the same church that we were married at.  Sammy was great for the pastor, only making one grumpy face when he was woken up by the water on his head.  When the Pastor held him up to meet the congregation, he was all wide eyed and looking around.

Now it is Christmas time and Sammy is looking forward to his first Christmas!  He’s got a stocking over the chimney and already has presents under the tree from his mom and dad.  He is also a star in our church’s nativity presentation as Baby Jesus!  It’s going to be an exciting Christmas for us and we look forward to next year, learning and growing with Sammy!  We wish all of our family and friends equal joy and happiness during this Christmas season and in the new year!


James, Kristen, and Sammy

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