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Hi all,
     I received this several das ago and thought it  might be of interest 
to those of you who are interested
in accessibility to websites for the blind.  I hope to take part in  this 
telephone event and hope some of 
y'all can also.  It's a very important subject for us and any chance  we 
have to learn more on the issue is
always good.
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Subj: AFB-Hosted Teleseminar Jan 18, 3pm, on  Effective Response to 
Proposed ADA and Website, Theatre, and Equipment  Rulemaking

You’re Invited!
AFB Teleseminar to Help  Mobilize Response to Proposed Justice Department 
Rulemaking on Website, Movie  Theatre, and Equipment Accessibility

Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 3:00  p.m., Eastern

For further information, contact:

Mark  Richert, Esq.
Director, Public Policy, AFB
(202) 469-6833
_MRichert at afb.net_ (mailto:mrichert at afb.net) 

The U.S. Department  of Justice has formally expressed its intent to 
propose new federal  regulations implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act 
(ADA) to address  the access needs of people with disabilities with respect 
to web sites, video  description, and equipment, including so-called 
electronic and information  technology, among other issues. The Justice Department 
continues to seek input  from the public about these matters, and extensive 
draft responsive comments  are being prepared and circulated both within and 
outside the vision loss  community. But the Justice Department needs to 
hear from you!

On  Tuesday afternoon, January 18, beginning at 3:00 p.m., Eastern, you are 
 invited to participate in a teleseminar presentation and discussion about 
the  major issues in play, the pros and cons of various approaches in 
response to  the issues and questions raised by the Justice Department’s actions, 
and how  you can most effectively urge the Department to move forward with 
proposed  regulations that will have the best possible odds of both becoming 
the law of  the land and achieving their desired effect.

To participate in this  complimentary teleseminar, use the dial-in 
information below to join the  moderated discussion (including Q&A) a few minutes 
before the prompt 3:00  p.m. start time on January 18:

Dial: 1-800-294-4202
Participant  Code: 140915

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