[Nfbmo] WIA-FLSA Petition to Eliminate Subminimum Wages

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Tue Jul 19 18:34:35 UTC 2011

Please read this important announcement from Anil Lewis.


From: Lewis, Anil 
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2011 4:02 PM
To: NFB Affiliate Presidents List
Subject: WIA-FLSA Petition to Eliminate Subminimum Wages

My Federation Brothers and Sisters:


I wanted to inform you that our advocacy effort to eliminate subminimum
wages for people with disabilities continues to make an impact.  We have
recently been informed that the hearing to vote on the reauthorization of
the Workforce Investment Act has been postponed until August 3.  This gives
us additional time to work toward the removal of Section 511 from the WIA
reauthorization before the vote.


During our 2011 national convention, we received over 2,000 signatures on
our Petition to Abolish Subminimum Wage Employment.  Many of you were asking
for copies of the petition so that you can get more signatures from members
and friends who were unable to attend the convention.


I have attached the WIA-FLSA Petition as a MS-Word formatted document.  It
is a two page document with a description of the issue and places for
signatures on the first page, and a second page of signature lines.  


Please print the first page, along with as many of the second page you feel
you can fill with signatures.  There is no need for you to sign again, if
you already signed the petition at our convention. 


Please get as many signatures as possible, and get them to me by August 1.
Mail your signed petitions to the address below. 



Mr. Anil Lewis, M.P.A.
Director of Strategic Communications


"Blind Man Driving"


200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place
Baltimore, Maryland   21230


(410) 659-9314 ext. 2374 (Voice)

(410) 685-5653 (FAX)
Email: alewis at nfb.org
Web: www.nfb.org


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