[Nfbmo] Social Security checks

Gene Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Thu Jul 21 01:05:33 UTC 2011

The United States Secretary of the Treasury states that as of August 2, 2011 
the Federal Government will be unable to pay any of it’s bills unless 
Congress and the Adminstration reach an agreement on increasing the amount 
of money the government is allowed to borrow. I am 99% sure that there will 
be some sort of eleventh hour agreement. But, it may not happen in which 
case Social Security checks that come out on the 3rd of the month likely 
will not be paid.
My advise is to keep tabs on the news and hang on to any money you can from 
this month just in case the politicians do not get their act together and be 
prepared to delay any auto-withdrawls you have  on the 3rd or later unless 
you can cover them otherwise.
This is merely intended as a cautionary note for everyone to stay tuned to 
current events in the slight case that  things go badly in Washington. I am 
not stating any kind of position about who is right or wrong but, really don’t 
want to see anyone go through any additional pain above and beyond what the 
lack of a check would do. There is great incentive for a deal to be made as 
not only will  this stop Social Security Benefits but all federal employees, 
including the military, will not be paid.
By the Way SSI checks on August 1, 2011 are safe.

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