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Fri Jun 10 21:31:50 UTC 2011

Folks, how would you suggest we help?  

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Hi Gary.
I hope this note find you doing well. I hope that you are recovering nicely
from your surgery and feeling better each day.
I am writing because I saw a post this morning from the Joplin Association
for the blind. They are in desperate need of non perishable food items.
There are many distribution centers in Joplin, but they are serving around
43 visually impaired people and cannot transport everyone to all the
different distribution centers. I was wondering if you having any thoughts
or suggestions on how we could help meet their needs. I don't know if there
are folks in Joplin who know drivers that would be willing to help. I have
contacted the person in charge and am trying to get more specific
information on their needs. At this point I am hearing that they are very
basic food and health related items more than clothing.
My brother is in Joplin, so the whole situation down there is close to my
heart. I thought I would pick your brain and see if you have any ideas on
ways we can help the vision impaired population through this tough time.
Thank you for thinking about this.
Always your friend,

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