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Help! Volunteers are still needed for the Braille Book Fair at the NFB
Convention.  We need people for ALL shifts, but especially for the 3-5 pm
shift and the clean-up shift from 7-8 pm.

Teens are welcome.  Kids 8-12 are great helps, too, if accompanied by an
adult or responsible teen sibling or babysitter.

Please email Barbara Cheadle off-list at  bacheadle at msn.com or call her at:
home: (410) 747-3472, cell: (410) 300-5232

Braille Book Fair
Tuesday, July 5.
Panzacola H-4 Ballroom, Level 1.
Shifts:  Unboxing: 1-3 pm;  sorting: 3-5 pm; the event: 5-7 pm;
cleanup: 7-8 pm

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