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Hi Gary,
  If you could please pass this along to any lists/people you think
may  benifit, that would be much appreciated!

How do you feel about community service? Do you volunteer your time
once in a while in the community or with your local church and want to
find other blind individuals to connect with? Do you find community
service interesting but are not sure that you as a blind person can
get involved or don't know how to begin?

Here's you're oppertunity!

Come Join a group of federationests at the community service
organizing meeting at national convention!

Come learn about  the goals of this new and  exciting group and how we
can utilize  community service to  further the goals of the national
federation of the blind.  We will meet on Sunday, July 3 in Wekiwa 9,
Level 2, from
3:30 p.m until 6 p.m.
Should you have any questions, please contact  Coordinator Darian
Smith at dsmithnfb at gmail.comm.

Darian Smith

"My secret?  See it, and stay focused on it."

- Shaquille O'Neal

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